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CAPITALISE plans to make photosynthesis work better so the same amount of light produces more crop biomass. Using this knowledge a number of limiting steps have been identified that represent potential targets for improvements to deliver radically increased crop yields.

CAPITALISE will develop new plant breeding tools based on the MoVaPs to:


increase the rate of CO2-fixation


improve the performance of the catalytic enzymes involved in photosynthesis

The tools will accelerate crop breeding by exploiting natural variation in key traits to boost the efficiency of photosynthesis in key crops to deliver improved yields.

Marker assisted conventional breeding techniques will then be used to transfer the improved trait QTLs (quantitative trait loci) to test if target genetic elements can be successfully incorporated into an elite line and deliver yield increases above 10%. Successful project results by 2025 will demonstrate that photosynthesis efficiency can be increased using conventional pre-breeding programs that exploit natural variation and are acceptable in European markets for future breeding programs and focus citizen concerns on novel crop production. This addresses global needs for higher crop yields beyond 2030.

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