Photosynthesis 2030+ Webinars

Photosynthesis 2030+ is a webinar discussion group that takes place on the first Tuesday of each month.

The aim of the webinar programme is to communicate the state of the art in photosynthesis research, facilitate communication and promote collaboration within the photosynthesis community towards the common goal of improving photosynthesis in crop plants.

These webinars introduced by Dr Louisa Dever will explore different elements of photosynthesis from leading research groups. These contributions will help in developing the Photosynthesis Research Roadmap for 2030+  as part of the CAPITALISE project.

Webinar programme

Our next Photosynthesis Webinar


Tuesday 7th June 2022  14.00-15.00 Central European Time

Professor Roberta Croce

Biophysics group, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdamx

Title: Non-photochemical quenching in plants: where is the quencher located?

Dr Samuel Taylor

Senior Research Associate Lancaster University

Title: Diurnal Rubisco activity and photosynthetic induction

Upcoming webinars

Tuesday 4th October 2022  14.00-15.00 Central European Time

Professor Steve Long

University of Illinois (USA) and Lancaster University (UK)

Title: TBC