Stakeholder Group (SG)

We will establish and coordinate a Stakeholder Group (SG) consisting of representatives from the agricultural industry including policy makers, breeders, growers from large industry and SME representatives including Euroseeds.

The scientific community, and funders will be directly engaged through existing networks. In addition, the WU team co-led the development of the Photosynthesis 2.0 initiative: a European led academic consortium supported by eleven European and global industries, 21 national and international funders and policy makers. The Photosynthesis 2.0 consultation helped to identify the CAPITALISE target traits and our intention is to continue working with this initiative. Policy makers at EU, national and international levels will be invited to contribute. Euroseeds and Plants for the Future representatives will bring further experience of policy engagement and roadmapping and plant science agendas. This group will help ensure the project remains optimally aligned with the needs of the plant breeding sector, and will provide input into the roadmap for development and potential introduction of CAPITALISE crops. The stakeholders will also help to ensure genetic resources are made available to the AgriBio sector as quickly as possible.

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