Working together

Our partners around the world

The CAPITALISE project is made up of 19 organisations from 8 different countries across Europe, the UK, Israel and Ethopia.

Project Coordinator

Wageningen University

Wageningen University is a leading knowledge organization in the domain of ‘healthy food and living environment’. Under the leadership of Dr Jeremy Harbinson, Wageningen University will coordinate CAPITALISE. The team bring expertise on plant photosynthesis phenotyping and natural genetic variation for photosynthesis.

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Work Package Leaders

Ceratium BV

Ceratium lead the communication and road-mapping activities. As part of the Management Team we also support the project coordinator with management and administration tasks.

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Consortium Members

Lancaster University

Lancaster University is leading research to provide solutions to Agri-Food Challenges. The team led by Dr Elizabete Carmo-Silva brings expertise on the regulation of carbon assimilation by Rubisco.

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The locations