Road mapping 2030

Research Road Mapping: Photosynthesis 2030

To support the CAPITALISE science programme a targeted stakeholder consultation and road mapping exercise is planned. This will gather a broad range of expert opinion and learn from other projects, industry experience, grower needs and international initiatives.

The consultation will be aligned to our experimental science approach. We plan to identify and confirm promising routes forwards and propose approaches to close the remaining science and innovation gaps. The road map will provide a strategic research agenda to accelerate the translation of enhanced photosynthetic processes into crop breeding programmes. At the same time, we will shape the ideas to take account of societal attitudes towards plant biotechnology, and the evolving policy landscape. This roadmap and evidence base will support public and private sector decision makers at EU and national level to make investment and regulatory decisions. The SRA will describe research priorities to transform plant breeding using cutting-edge science to improve photosynthetic efficiency, and increase yields, via techniques including marker assisted breeding and genomic prediction, but also when appropriate, gene editing and bioengineering programmes

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