Ceratium BV

Our partner in

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ceratium specialises in developing, managing and helping coordinate collaborative research projects providing proficient valorisation capability for project success. Ceratium also offer training on a range of areas including funding, research strategies, science communication and foresight. In CAPITALISE the Ceratium team support the management and implementation of the dissemination and exploitation activities and will coordinate the establishment of stakeholder groups, facilitate consultations and broader stakeholder engagement, while also providing training activities and coordinating publications and workshops. They also provide expert management support to the project coordinator and the consortium on issues relating to reporting and administration including establishing and maintaining effective administrative systems to meet EC reporting requirements.

Dr Ritchie Head 

Ritchie specialises in developing collaborative research strategies, creating and delivering high quality communication and exploitation approaches to deliver Impact, acquiring funding and running projects for academic and industrial clients.

“This is one of the most innovative projects I have been involved with. Europe has world leading expertise in photosynthesis, we will now translate this science to improve key crops”



Christina Olsen

Christina has extensive experience in EC project management and coordinating communication and dissemination activities.

“CAPITALISE is an exciting project to be part of strengthened by a large and diverse consortium addressing the global challenge to future proof crops”




Dr Jane Knerova

Jane is a freelancer working for Ceratium in the CAPITALISE project on science communication. She is based in the Czech Republic and has a PhD in photosynthesis from the Hibberd group from the University of Cambridge. She also previously worked on CAM photosynthesis in the Hartwell group at the University of Liverpool.