Photon Systems Instruments, spol. s r.o.

Our partner in

664 24 Drasov, Czech Republic

PSI (Photon Systems Instruments) is a high-tech company located close to the industrial city of Brno, specialized in the design of sophisticated, high-end instrumentation for photosynthesis research. PSI is a technology partner of plant scientists and plant breeding companies in the effort to develop high yielding ‘Climate Smart’ crops. Over the last 26 years PSI has been developing and manufacturing innovative instruments for plant science and algae biotechnology. We are a world expert in technologies for advanced measurement and imaging of optical signals in plants and algae, particularly in the chlorophyll fluorescence/reflectance techniques.

PSI Research Center provides access to state-of-the-art phenotyping technology to visiting scientist and those who wish to view our instruments in action. In frame of the project Martin Trtílek and Klára Panzarová lead the team whose main tasks include in-depth morpho-physiological characterization of the barley population by using high-throughput infrastructure installed in PSI Research Center and development of innovative phenotyping equipment for the CAPITALISE project.