Professor Steve Long

Professor Steve Long is a global leader in photosynthesis research. He is the Director of RIPE-“Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency for improved crop production” a $25M Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project, and with over 400 publications, is listed by Thomson-Reuters as one of the Most Highly Cited Authors of 2016.   He also discovered the most productive land plant known (Echinochloa polystachya).

 His expertise in in-silico crop design and field analysis, and interest in global atmospheric change has driven much work towards engineering improved photosynthesis for more efficient plants with improved yield that can mitigate climate change impacts.  He was instrumental in the development of SoyFACE to evaluate the impact of future climatic conditions on crops.

 His work modelling photosynthesis, to show that increasing the speed at which leaves adapt to shade could potentially raise crop yields, and its demonstration in field trials, was listed as one of the 12 Key Science Moments of 2016 in The Guardian.

 He has given invited briefings on bioenergy, climate change impacts and food security to President Bush at the White House, to the Vatican and to Bill Gates.  

Steve Long holds the Inkenbery endowed Chair of Plant Biology and Crop Science at the University of Illinois (USA) and is a distinguished professor of Crop Science at Lancaster University (UK).   He is Founding and Chief Editor of “Global Change Biology” and also founded “GCB Bioenergy”.

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Webinar date: Tuesday 3rd May 2022  14.00 CET