The problem

An Emerging Global Food Security Crisis

Today 810 million people are hungry, this is about 11% of the world population (FAO). By 2050 the UN predict the global population will have grown to approximately 9.7 billion people (United Nations World Population Prospects 2019). This is 3 billion more people to feed than in 2010, and there are strong indications that by 2050 the world will require 60% more food production. The population is also expected to become richer and consume more food.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a warming world industry needs to use more sustainable, bioeconomy utilising crop based materials. Global crop yields are only increasing by about 1% per annum and this is not sufficient to meet the projected demand in 2050. A second Green Revolution in agriculture is urgently needed to deliver climate-smart food systems. New crops must be designed that are highly productive and can adapt to harsher environments now climate change is starting to exert effects (Climate Change and Land, IPCC 2019). This represents a huge challenge to biologists, plant breeders, agricultural technologists, economists and farmers.

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