Dr. John Ferguson

Dr John Ferguson University of Essex/ University of Cambridge, UK

John Ferguson is a Lecturer in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Essex. His research centres on elucidating the physiological and genetic mechanisms that confer enhanced resilience to global climatic change. Recently, he has been involved in multiple projects that design and implement phenomics approaches to phenotype photosynthesis-related traits in key crop species, including barley, maize, and rice.

Introduction to Field Trials Workshop – 11th October 2022

Title: Designing and analysing data from CAPITALISE field experiments

Abstract: I will provide an introductory-level overview of how we design our field experiments for quantifying variation in photosynthetic traits. By going through a workflow using the R software environment, we will highlight steps in designing a field trial, performing initial data quality checking, and modelling data to minimise undesirable variance. For this workshop, we will focus on data collected on maize relating to plant height and non-photochemical quenching.